We Don't Talk

Wij praten niet (We don’t talk) is an intriguing documentary of in-depth conversations between therapists and youngsters who are entangled in the complex network of sexual violence and exploitation It takes us into the inner struggle of four characters in their process to break free from this world while they are all still — to a greater or lesser extent – connected to it and can’t seem to part with The film offers an intimate insight into the reminiscent of their experiences and process of extrication, where the distorted self-judgment of guilt and shame holds them captive A close look at the dynamics of therapy, pointing out the importance of signalling youngsters who experience this and to start conversation in a world in which they often feel it’s not safe to talk PRODUCER Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen more EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Lotte Gerding PRODUCTION MANAGER Marieke Konijn JUNIOR PRODUCER Tess Vermeer DOP Dionne Cats EDIT Saskia Kievits, NCE SOUND DESIGN & MIX Lennert Hunfeld COMPOSER Jesse Koolhaas POST PRODUCTION MANAGER Daan Janssen RESEARCH Marjolein Busstra, Tess Vermeer TITLE AND POSTER DESIGN Yinchel Fyon Tang PUBLICITY Ine Kim, Anouk Arends PRODUCTION ASSISTANT KRO-NRCV Leonie van Zanten PRODUCTION MANAGER DOCUMENTARY KRO-NRCV Yolande van der Blij EDITOR IN CHIEF, DOCUMENTARY KRO-NRCV Jelle Peter de Ruiter (2022)